Virtual Doula Service now available in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  You can have professional on-call support during pregnancy and Labor by text, phone, & video, no matter where you lie or plan to birth!


The most common definition of a doula is "a person trained to provide emotional, physical, and educational support to the pregnant woman and her support team prenatally and during labor and birth." The focus is on the pregnant woman yet extends to include her husband, other family members, and friends who will be present during the labor and birth. I don't take their place, I complement it.

According to current research, "if you have continuous labor support (that is, someone who never leaves your side), you are statistically more likely to have better outcomes and your baby is more likely to have better outcomes!"


Doula Care Essentials for Every Client


As a respected Long Beach Doula, I pride myself in providing you and your partner with care, understanding, information and support throughout, during, and after the birthing process.

Prenatal Visits

  • Access to Evidence Based Birth® Savvy Prenatal online resources

  • Your very own Rebozo

  • Insight into local birth options

  • Assistance in creating a birth plan

  • Phone and email support throughout pregnancy

  • 2-3 video/home prenatal meetings; getting to know you, normalities of labor, and comfort measures

  • On-call availability from 38-42 weeks

  • Resources for pregnancy

Labor and Birth

  • Unlimited hours of support (flat fee for support, no overtime costs)

  • Assistance by phone during pre-labor and early labor

  • Continuous hands-on support at home and/or birth place (beginning in active labor)

  • Partner support & instruction (including dad, friends, other family members)

  • Maintaining a positive birthing environment

  • Non-pharmacological comfort measures

  • Explanation of risks/benefits of common interventions

  • Calming touch and massage

  • Reminders of birthing positions

  • Self-advocacy reinforcement (helping you speak up for yourself)

  • Emotional encouragement

  • Access to labor tools such as birth ball and rebozo

  • Relaxation guidance

  • Holistic pain relief techniques such as acupressure

  • Availability of aromatherapy tools

Postpartum Support

  • 2 hours support immediately after birth

  • Assistance with initial breastfeeding

  • 1 home visit or video conference (client preference)

  • Review and processing of your birth experience

  • Birth notes / timeline when possible

  • Unlimited text, email, and phone support for 6 weeks after your birth


  • Medical terminology “translation” into everyday terms

  • Professional referrals throughout childbearing year (chiropractic, photography, placenta encapsulation, lactation, craniosacral therapy, massage, acupuncture, CPM and CNM midwives, obstetricians, etc)


  • Peanut ball positioning for labor

  • Rebozo for pregnancy, birth, & postpartum

  • CUB inflatable birthing stool

  • Optimal Fetal Positioning tips

  • Spinning Babies techniques

  • Birth pool setup for home birth

My birth doula pricing is detailed below to allow you to make an informed decision about my services, in the same way, that I intend to help you make informed choices about your birth care. A complimentary 30-minute consultation is available to all potential clients as an opportunity for us to interview each other and determine the best avenue for meeting your labor and birth desires.

Consultations may be in-person at a public venue (Panera, Starbucks, etc.) or from the comfort of your home via Zoom video chat. (I've become very fond of Zoom chats because of how easy they are to fit into busy schedules.)




My birth support package includes 3 prenatal consultations, unlimited hours of labor and birth support, and a follow-up visit to process your birth experience. All of my clients receive access to the Savvy Prenatal resources for parents from Evidence Based Birth®, a wealth of information in itself. And I am available as needed for guidance throughout your pregnancy.

My pricing for my Doula Services is $1200.

You will receive:

  • Doula Care Essentials (detailed above)

  • Mentoring support via text, email or phone throughout pregnancy

  • Support during labor, birth and early postpartum (no additional fees regardless of the length of labor)

  • 1 postpartum home visit to review your birth and check in on your adjustment (2 hours)

  • Payment Schedule: $400 as a non-refundable retainer/deposit, balance due by 37 weeks. Custom payment schedules available upon request

A non-refundable retainer/deposit of $400 secures your due date on my calendar; any unpaid balance is due at 37 weeks. There is no change in my fee if your labor is long. I accept 4 clients per month on average. If your month is already full, we may be able to make special arrangements or I can refer you to one of my wonderful colleagues/back-ups.