The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth

     The Bradley Method is all about viewing labor and birth as a natural process and having obstetricians/medical staff operate with a “hands-off approach” as much as possible.

     The method is aught over the course of 12 weeks through childbirth classes that ideally involve both mother and father (or another person who acts as the birthing “coach”).

     The Bradley Method aims to address all aspects of natural childbirth along with common issues that arise during pregnancy and afterward during the postpartum phase. The Bradley Method encourages mothers to learn to trust their bodies and rely on natural methods for birthing and a healthy pregnancy (such as support from a coach/partner, deep breathing, relaxation, nutrition, exercise and education) rather than modern-day drug.


You will learn about:

  • Prenatal nutrition & exercise
  • Relaxation for an easier birth
  • Husbands as coaches
  • Birth plans and more!

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