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Pregnancy Classes

Birthing Preparation

In-Home Birth Class

Private Childbirth Class tailored to fit your needs. Whether you're having a home birth, hospital birth or delivering at a birth center you need to be informed. Topics include Signs and Stages of Labor, Your ideal birth, Communicating with your providers, Labor preferences and wish lists, Coping techniques, Unexpected events, Your partners role in childbirth and postpartum, Breastfeeding, Postpartum Care and Resources.

Recommended for everyone! Highly recommended for first time parents, VBAC candidates, couples who don't have time to go to a group class or those who would prefer one on one teaching. 

This private class is either 5 or 8 hours in length.

Weekend days work best for these longer classes! Virtual education options are also available!


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The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth

The Bradley Method is a popular form of natural childbirth that uses the help of a coach/advocate along with various pain-reducing techniques to help the birthing person deliver their babies without unnecessary intervention or drugs.

The Bradley Method is all about viewing labor and birth as a natural process and having obstetricians/medical staff operate with a “hands-off approach” as much as possible. The method is taught over the course of 12 weeks through childbirth classes that ideally involve both birthing person and their birthing partner. The Bradley Method aims to address all aspects of natural childbirth along with common issues that arise during pregnancy and afterward during the postpartum phase. The Bradley Method encourages the birthing person to learn to trust their bodies and rely on natural methods for birthing and a healthy pregnancy (such as support from a coach/partner, deep breathing, relaxation, nutrition, exercise and education) rather than modern-day drugs


Evidence Based Birth®
Childbirth Class

As an experienced Doula, I will be there to teach and guide you throughout your entire pregnancy journey. With this popular class for expecting mothers and their partners, I will guide you through the laboring process, and how you can harness your own strength to make it as easy and safe as possible. Please get in touch to learn more.