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Do you feel lost, scared, and/or nervous when you think about giving birth?  Well, look no further!  I have can ease these thoughts and give you the knowledge and support so you will have an empowering birth.

 As a doula, I am with you before you go to your birth place, for the entire labor, and afterwards. I provide advice, knowledge, suggestions to be comfortable, provide compassionate support, and caring reassurance.

     I believe our connection with each other plays a vital role in our experiences during the birth process and all attributes of parenting.  One very important part of connectedness is becoming aware of, honoring, and caring for our own self care.  Discovering and connecting to how our body and mind work in conjunction will enhance the labor and birth process.  Being present with our loved ones and children creates the space for deep innate interactions.

     Your birth will be totally awesome and empowering with proper support from me. My clients often say that giving birth with my support was magical and empowering.

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