I believe our connection with each other plays a vital role in our experiences during the birth process and all attributes of parenting.  One very important part of connectedness is becoming aware of, honoring, and caring for our own self care.  Discovering and connecting to how our body and mind work in conjunction will enhance the labor and birth process.  Being present with our loved ones and children creates the space for deep innate interactions.

     Your birth will be totally awesome and empowering with proper support from me. My clients often say that giving birth with my support was magical and empowering.

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Certification / Training

Yes, I am a certified Birth Doula with DONA® International and Childbirth Educator with The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth.
I have been trained in the following:
The Bradley Method®
Birth Doula DONA® International
Childbirth Education DONA® International
Postpartum Doula CAPPA®
Evidence Based Birth® Instructor
Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Educator
Rebozo Workshop with Gena Kirby
Spinning Babies® Workshop
Neonatal Resuscitation Program

What is your birth philosophy on birth?

Your birth philosophy is what I am interested in.  Your vision, Your priorities, worries, strengths, desires and plans.  Your priorities are what guides me and determine how I can best serve the pursuit of your vision.  Your goals become my goals and I believe that this should never be the other way around.  As you define to your experience, I honor it, walk beside you in it, and celebrate it.
My lack of bring a philosophy to your experience is what makes me the most present, non-judgemental, unbiased, unconditionally supportive, compassionate Doula in Long Beach.